How We Began

The “Live and Proclaim” story began many years ago when my daughter, Amy Crews, was nine years old. It was bedtime. I was lying beside her, and we were reading the Bible. For several weeks, we had been reading through the Book of Psalms. That night we were reading Psalm 118. I was reading quickly,  in a hurry to get to verse twenty-four, which reads: “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” My plan was to have Amy memorize that verse. But when I read verse seventeen Amy said, “Mom, stop. Read that verse again.” So, I did. I read Psalm 118:17 to her again, this time more slowly:

I will not die but live, and proclaim what God has done.

Amy said, “Mom, that is my verse. Jesus lives in my heart so I am always going to live. It doesn’t matter if I get sick and go to heaven; I am not going to die. And until I do get sick enough to go to heaven, I am going to proclaim what God has done.”

Amy claiming Psalm 118:17 as her life verse was particularly meaningful because at two months old she was diagnosed withCystic Fibrosis. By this point in her life, she already had a feeding tube and a few months earlier the lower lobe of her right lung had been removed. At nine years old, Amy understood suffering.

I had a plan for our Bible reading that evening. But God had different plan. God changed Amy’s life that night. He brought her to a crossroad, and offered her the path to the true meaning of living. She took the road He offered.  Amy vowed to herself and to God that her disease would not interfere with her worship of God or prevent her from living life to the fullest. She decided that she would dedicate her life to “living and proclaiming what God has done.”

And she did. She kept the words of the verse before her. She underlined them in her Bible. She copied them in her school notebooks and later posted them on her Facebook page. When she was eighteen, she underwent a double lung transplant, and Psalm 118:17 was a primary source of her strength and comfort. In a video testimony for her church, she described her hope in Jesus Christ, and she spoke of Psalm 118:17 as the verse “that has been a source of strength for me.”

Amy had a second double lung transplant at twenty-six and again Psalm 118:17 gave her strength. In sickness and health Amy “lived and proclaimed.” She became a neonatal nurse and a spokesperson for the Alabama Organ Center. She worked for Cystic Fibrosis, sang in school and church choirs, was active in her sorority, in the single adult ministry of her church, and traveled on mission trips. Always she lived and proclaimed.

On November 1, 2013, at age twenty-eight, God took Amy to live in heaven. Amy impacted many lives, and thousands tuned in to view her memorial service.

Several who know and love Amy are inspired by the “live and proclaim” message of her life. We desire to provide resources that will help others “live and proclaim” the gospel of Jesus Christ in every aspect of daily life and culture.

In October 2015, Live and Proclaim Ministries was incorporated as an Alabama non- profit and as an IRS 501c3 organization. In December 2015, the Live and Proclaim Ministries Board of Directors began to meet. God has now opened the door for Live and Proclaim to launch to the public.

What Is Live and Proclaim Ministry

Many Christians mistakenly think that the gift of life offered by Christ begins when one dies and goes to heaven. They could not be more wrong. Life in Jesus Christ begins the moment one is saved. The message of the gospel informs every decision, every cultural thought, every perspective, and every action.

Many Christians admit that they do not understand what the message of the Bible has to do with cultural and daily life decisions. As a result most of these Christians get input for decisions from politicians, the news and social media, television shows and movies, musicians, late-night tv hosts, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and even video games before they turn to the truth found in the God’s word.

Live and Proclaim is here to help.

Live and Proclaim Ministries (LPM) is a Bible based ministry.

LPM is dedicated to providing easy to understand resources to Christians to aid in understanding how the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Bible speaks daily into the life of every believer.

LPM resources uses the lens of the gospel, in easy to understand language, to offer Christians biblical wisdom for engaging in social, cultural, political, ethical, and personal daily life issues with compassion, mercy, and justice.

LPM seeks to provide easy to understand resources that will equip Christians with peaceful confidence to engage lovingly in cultural and biblical dialogue as opposed to responding to those with whom they disagree with anger, discord, and animosity.

How You Can Help Us Live and Proclaim

We invite you to become a prayer partner and a giving partner.

As A Prayer Partner:

  • Pray  that God will use Live and Proclaim Ministries to offer resources that provide biblical insight into daily life, decisions, and cultural issues.
  • Pray that we will honor God by helping believers in the Church fulfill the Great Commandments, the Great Commission, and to live life for God’s glory.
  • Please pray that we are able to help believers understand the sufficiency of Jesus Christ in all of life.

As A Giving Partner:

  • Your financial gift is tremendously appreciated.
  • All financial gifts go directly into the mission of the ministry. Live and Proclaim Ministries has no employees or corporate donors. We function solely on donations.
  •  Live and Proclaim Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.