What is Live and Proclaim Ministries (LPM)?

When surveyed, most Christians are confused about how to apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to daily life and to cultural issues.
LPM provides easy to understand resources for Christians so they may connect the gospel to daily living and cultural engagement.

How is LPM different from an apologetic website?

There are two major differences.

  • Apologetic websites are wonderful resources that are typically designed as resources for churches and pastors. LPM resources are  designed for everyone and especially the “person in the pew”… individuals and families.
  • Apologetics resources are typically written at an above average or gifted IQ level. LPM resources connect the wisdom of God’s word with daily life and cultural issues in language that is intentionally “easy to understand.”
How can I serve as I writer or contribute an article to LPM?

Visit our contact page and send an email with a bio and a description of your interest. One of our Board Members will contact you with further instruction. Be prepared to submit a sample article. LPM posted articles are 500-1000 words. You may submit a longer article for review.

How can I support Live and Proclaim Ministries?

You may support us in these ways:

  • Pray for us.
  • Subscribe to our updates.
  • Spread the word. Tell others about us.
  • Support us financially. We exist solely on donations. Any size donation helps.