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How Much Faith Is Enough

Sunday morning I got up, got dressed, went to church, and sat in my usual spot. My pastor preached about faith-the faith of Abram when God asked him to be willing to sacrifice his son, his only son, Isaac. Let’s be clear up front. God did not ask Abram to murder Isaac. He asked Abram to sacrifice … Read More

What Are You Wearing Today?

I am wearing yoga pants, a t-shirt, and a pair of flip-flops.  When I go to ballgames I wear my team colors. When I go to church, I choose a nice dress and take time with my hair and makeup. When I work in the yard, my clothes protect me from the sun and poison vines. What … Read More

A Reason For Thanksgiving

Cha-cha-changes Eight years ago, then Senator Obama was running for President on a platform of “Change.” While I’m not attributing responsibility for all the changes of the last few years to Mr. Obama or his administration, you must  have been severely distracted by Words with Friends not to notice that our country and its culture have … Read More

Is My Joy Shallow?

“Is my joy shaky…shallow…stunted by life’s circumstances?”  These are hard questions I asked myself as I read the book How to Have Real Joy by Charles Spurgeon. My quest to understand this thing called joy is a lifelong journey. I don’t want to just say the word; I want to understand what it really means. Oftentimes, … Read More